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Many people have become interested in beekeeping and wonder if its right for them. In this free video lesson, NewBee University founder and instructor Matthew Doucette explains the 4 prerequisites to becoming a beekeeper.

He will answer the most common questions those interested in becoming a beekeeper ask, including:

Lesson on becoming a beekeeper imageHow much does it cost to get started?

What do I have to buy?

How can I save on startup costs?

How much time does it take?

How do I get started?

If you are wondering if beekeeping is right for you, we hope that you will enjoy this 12 minute video lesson on what it takes to become a beekeeper. If you enjoy this lesson we will provide information on how to continue to learn more about beekeeping with NewBee University.

Thank you and enjoy!

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Find Books, Supplies and Other Resources in our Resource Guide:

Click here for a printable guide: Becoming a Beekeeper Resource Guide


Want to learn more about beekeeping? 

We offer a complete online beekeeping course:


Introduction to Beekeeping:

10 Step Guide to Becoming a Beekeeper


If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper this course will provide you with the KNOWLEDGE, GUIDANCE, and CONFIDENCE to become a successful beekeeper.

This course will guide you through the following steps to becoming a beekeeper:

Online Beekeeping Course

  • What it Takes to Be a Beekeeper

  • Honey Bee Basics

  • Beekeeping Equipment

  • Buying Your First Bees

  • Setting up Your First Hive

  • Adding Bees to Your Hive

  • First Hive Inspection

  • Keep Bees Happy and Healthy

  • Understand Swarms

  • Honey Extraction

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When you enroll in Intro to Beekeeping you get more than an online course!

With your enrollment you will receive all of the following:

beekeeping workbook with penWelcome packet by mail including:

  • Welcome letter

  • Newbee University Pen

  • 16 Page Workbook


Online Course (Lifetime Access)

  • 10 Steps to Becoming a Beekeeper

  • Hours of High-Quality HD Video Lessons

  • Hours of Extended Learning

  • The Knowledge, Guidance, & Confidence to Get Started


Completion CertificateClass Discussion Group

  • Ask Questions & Get Answers

  • Share Your Beekeeping Journey

  • Get Support and Guidance


Completion Packet by Mail

  • Official Completion Certificate

  • Course Completion Gift (Suprise $15+ Value)


What our students are saying:

“I liked the clear explanations and things being shown in a detailed way.”

Karyn, NewBee University Student, Colorado


“It was simple and straight forward using language and terms simple to understand and broke beekeeping down to make it really understandable. I am now more excited than ever to get started and feel like I am prepared!”

Christa, NewBee University Student, Georgia


“Great info! On point without the confusion. Thank you!

Nicki, NewBee University Student, Australia


“This course was straightforward, easy to follow, while still being extremely helpful by outlining the trickier details of beekeeping. This course consistently gave you pros and cons and in certain cases recommended one of the options, which makes it much easier to move forward. I loved the pacing and how the information was laid out. Thank you!”

Ellie, NewBee University Student, New York


“I liked that I could do it at my pace, my schedule, and rewind or re-watch lectures.”

Alex, NewBee University Student, Alabama


Course Enrollment Options

Choose from 3 enrollment options below, including the opportunity to give the gift of beekeeping to a loved one!

  • Video Lessons
  • $115 Lifetime Access
  • Over 4 Hours of HD video Lessons
  • Over 2 Hours of Extended Learning
  • Resources for Continued Learning
  • Knowledge, Guidance, & Confidence to get started
  • Enroll Now!
  • Full Course Enrollment
  • $139 Lifetime Access
  • Full HD video Course Access
  • Welcome Packet by Mail
    (Welcome Letter, Workbook, NBU Pen)
  • Private NewBee Discussion Group
  • Completion Packet by Mail
    (Course Completion Certificate & Gift)
  • Enroll Now!
  • Gift This Course
  • $139 Lifetime Access
  • Official Course Enrollment Gift Certificate Add a Personalized Message
  • Complete Course Enrollment
    (HD Videos & Private Discussion Group)
  • Welcome Packet by Mail
    (Welcome Letter, Workbook, NBU Pen)
  • Completion Packet by Mail
    (Course Completion Certificate & Gift)
  • Enroll Now!


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Founder Matt DoucetteMy name is Matthew Doucette, founder of NewBee University. I have a Masters in Education, but more importantly a love of bees and a passion for sharing that love with others. I am pleased to be able to have the opportunity to bring new students into the wonderful world of beekeeping and helping them build the foundation to making this a long term hobby. I look forward to working with you and helping you start your first hive!







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