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Your honey label must include some basic information including the following:

Product Name:

Simply “Honey.” This should be the biggest and clearest word on your label.

Net Weight:

It is required that the honey weight is put on the label in both pounds and ounces, as well as in grams. For example, an 8 oz honey bear should read: “Net Wt. 8 oz (227 g) “

Remember honey weights more than water, therefore a 16 fluid ounce pint jar holds 16 ounces of water weight, however, the same jar filled with honey will weight 24 oz. Most containers sold speciffically for honye are sold by how much honey weight they hold, but pay close attention to this, especcialy if you purchase jars not spceifically sold for honey.

Contact Information:

Your label must provide a way for customers to contact you. This usually includes your phone number and address. This also will allow customers to contact you if they would like to purchase more honey.

For more details on labeling honey you can visit the National Honey Board website:

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