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Gift Ideas for Beginner
and Experienced Beekeepers

This list of gift ideas includes affiliate links. This means that while you are buying gifts to help a beekeeper along their beekeeping journey you are also helping me fuel my beekeeping addiction. Thank you!

New and Beginning Beekeepers

Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Education is the key to success in beekeeping. The best gift you can give someone who is just starting out is the knowledge to become a successful beekeeper.

Beekeeping Course

Our online course teaches everything from how and where to buy bees and equipment to harvesting honey.

Enrollment includes a welcome packet by mail with a workbook and pen, as well as a personalized completion certificate and a special gift by mail at the completion of the course.

Find out more:
Online Beekeeping Course

Beekeeping Essentials:

Every beekeeper needs the following protective equipment and tools to get started. Even if you just gift one of these items you will be giving a needed item and the encouragement a new beekeeper needs to get started.

ComfortPro jackets are great for beekeepers in warm climates. They are breathable, light weight, and come with the two different veil options so new beekeepers can learn which they like best.

A good pair of breathable beekeeping gloves are great for new beekeepers to help them gain the confidence they need to inspect their hive.

Every beekeeper needs a smoker….or two! They are essential to working a bee colony.

Hive tools are a must for hive inspections. There are many design to choose from and beekeepers appreciate having more than one on hand.

This 2 pack of j-hook hive tools is a great gift. A beekeeper needs these every time the work a hive and they are easy to misplace.

This is not a must have, but it sure is nice. These wood shavings make a great smoker fuel and smell wonderful while you work.

A new beekeeper might not know the importance of this little gadget, but it’s vital. This allows an easy assessment of the Varroa mites in a colony. This is really a great gift for a NewBee

If you are looking for a big item to really push someone along in their beekeeping journey you can buy them the whole hive! This kit includes the frames and foundations, many kits do not.

Books for New and Beginner Beekeepers

This is a very popular book for those just starting or thinking about becoming a beekeeper.

This book has great color photos showing the key aspects of beekeeping. Great for those thinking of keeping bees in backyards where you have to consider neighbors.

This book is a great option for new beekeepers and many experienced beekeepers say they keep going back to it as a reference.

Author Jim Tew goes through all the common problems beekeepers face and explains the reason it is happening and possible solutions. Great for beekeepers who have already started their first colony. .

Beekeeping Magazine Subscriptions

Beekeeping magazines are a great source for continued, up to date beekeeping information. A subscription to either of these magazines is an amazing gift for beekeepers new and experienced.

Novelty Gifts

Beekeepers love being beekeepers, these novelty coffee mugs will make them proud.

Advanced Beekeeper Gift Ideas

ComfortPro Beekeeping Jackets are amazing, even an experienced beekeeper would love to get one of these cool lightweight jackets.

Trap those pesky hive beetles with these beetle traps.

Safely catch and hold the precious queen bee with these queen clips.

This hive top feeder allows beekeepers to keep sugar water on their bees when needed.

This observation window allows beekeepers to peak on their bees or show others inside the top of the hive without opening the bee hive up and having to suit up.

An uncapping tote like this is great for a beekeeper with several hives. It allows the beekeeper to cut the cappings off into the top and let extra honey drip off making it east to get every last drop.

Swarm Commander is a swarm lure that will help an experienced beekeeper catch “Free Bees” or swarms. Swarm trapping is a fun aspect of beekeeping that advanced beekeepers often get into.

Serious beekeepers need a way to quickly and efficiently light there smoker…..and a blow torch is more fund than a lighter. Beekeepers will love it! Do note that this requires the butane to be purchased separately, which is easy to do for you or the beekeeper you gift it to.

These stainless steel sieves help in the filtering process when extracting honey.

Books for Experienced and Advanced Beekeepers

Tom Seeley is a lead beekeeping researcher in the U.S. and this book is an amazing collection of his discoveries and how he discovered them. It focuses on bees in the wild but then draws connections to how these discoveries can be applied to how we keep bees in our managed apiaries. A GREAT book for an experienced beekeeper.

This book is literally a college textbook on the topic of beekeeping. It is great for any beekeeper but detailed enough to be a great resource for those looking to dive deep or have years of experience.

Another great book by Tom Seeley that examines the science behind how honey bee swarms determine where their new home (nest cavity) will be. It is a fascinating book full of great discoveries on how swarms choose home sites.

Beekeeping Magazine Subscriptions

Advanced beekeepers can also benefit from and will love a subscription to one of America’s leading beekeeping magazines.

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